Loans without credit history

Loans without credit history

I do not have a credit history and I want a loan. How can I do it?

One of the advantages offered by fintech platforms is that you can contract loans without credit history , and thus start building your score.

Therefore, if you want to access loans without credit experience , choose a product that you can pay, so you do not delay payments, improve your qualification and access better conditions in the next application.

For this we recommend that you enter our platform, place two data such as: maximum amount you want to ask for your loan without credit history and your monthly income to determine the ability to pay.

What banks or companies lend money with no credit life?

What banks or companies lend money with no credit life?

We have good news and bad news if you are looking for credits with no credit history . We’ll start with the bad …

If you are a client of a bank, it is very difficult to get money loans without credit history , although maybe, credit cards with no history.

However, here comes the good news. There are online loans in the Mexican market with no credit history and you can hire them here with a single click.

Without a credit history, what alternatives do you have?

Without a credit history, what alternatives do you have?

Every day, more companies offer loans online, but not all allow you to get personal loans without credit history because they believe that the risk of default is high.

If you are a young person just starting to build your history, we share financing options online from here.

Currently, platforms offer loans without a credit history.

These companies offer loans without a history to young people over 18 who can demonstrate income.

Here you can see and hire the best loans with no credit history in Mexico :

How to obtain a credit without credit history?

How to obtain a credit without credit history?

This comment comes to us daily: I need a loan but I do not have a credit history . Also the following: “I do not have credit life and I need a loan”.

This situation that seems to be a problem, today has options for hiring.

Loans with no credit life are an alternative for those young Mexicans of legal age who want to start their history and build a score.

To contract a credit with no credit history you must meet the following requirements:

  • Older than 18 years-old
  • Be Mexican
  • Current Identification
  • Proof of income
  • Own Bank Account 
  • Internet access

Who are the loans without a history?

Loans without a history are not the same as loans without checking credit history . It is very important to be clear about this to avoid confusion.

Loans without a bureau are those where the company that offers them is more flexible and despite having a bad credit rating, it allows them to be hired, although interest is usually more expensive.

On the other hand, a loan with no credit history is the one you can get if you never hired a financing product and it is your first time.

While you have to meet certain requirements such as being of legal age and Mexican, and demonstrate income, you can get money to build your history.

Surely, they will lend you less money than people who already have other credits contracted, it is an excellent option to start and access more financing.

Do not forget, it is essential to pay on time to build your history in a positive way.

How much money can I ask for if I do not have a credit history?

How much money can I ask for if I do not have a credit history?

Personal loans for people with no credit history are usually granted for smaller amounts than those who are already in the financial system.

In general, companies offer to start your line of credit with $ 2,000 pesos maximum, and if you pay at term and have a good score, you can get more money.

We recommend you not to get into debt without compromising your finances.

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